Hi I'm Olivia and I like to write Magcon preferences and imagines. I am a proud member of the Magcult, and always here to talk for anyone! :::::REQUESTS CLOSED:::::::


reillyyyyyyyyyyy asked
can you ship me?💕

Cameron Dallas!!!

lilybur1234 asked
How are you so pretty?

Judging by your profile picture you’re pretty fucking gorgeous too💕

no offense too nash, but I just wonder like, why exactly is he verified?

I’m not trying to be shady but he makes six second videos and did some type of project with nickelodeon, like why is he verified……

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harleyfarrellxx asked
I once had sex with your dog

wait, he’s cheating on me?

mah-con-vil-dor711 asked
I once gave a guy a bj in the bathroom stall in school whoops

A for effort

coloradopearls asked
Slutty confession- I'm sexting this guy that I met last week on snapchat right now. He keeps asking me for a blowjob and I haven't necessarily said no yet.

keep me updated

coloradopearls asked
Slutty confession- I gave my ex boyfriend a handjob on his couch while we were watching a movie with his parents and little sister

so sneaky damn

I’m doing slutty confessions

Send me in some slutty questions if ya know what I mean ;)


I’m so sorry that it has been such a long time since I have written anything and I know this is not an excuse but as my school year comes to an end and colleges are flying back and forth it is tough to focus on anything else but my future at hand!

But school is 5 days from being over and now I am back! Expect lots of updates soon! Thank you again to all my faithful followers for sticking by me!